Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Creatures 4 Breeds?

Just posting this quickly up there for people who haven't already seen this image. I can't tell if its four new breeds or five.

What d'yall think?

This is not my Image.
This image is about a year old from the previous Games Convention
I am merely uploading it here for reference.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creatures 4!

I totally know that nobody really reads this blog of mine, but I have to announce that there will be indeed a Creatures 4. It looks like a publisher is going to revive the game.

Quote from Kotaku -
" The adorable Norns return as Belgian development studio Fishing Cactus announces Creatures 4, the first new entry in the popular artificial life simulator series since 1999. The free-to-play game will be available this winter for iOS devices, PC and Mac."

Quote from TouchArcade -
"Artificial-life geeks rejoice: a new entry to the Creatures series is finally underway, and it's coming to iOS.

Details are still pretty light, but it looks like Creatures 4 is going to be free to play. It's slated to be released later this year on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as PC and Mac. It's being developed by Fishing Cactus, a Belgian development studio with quite a few solid titles under their belts."

And here's a much longer passage from a site called Gamasutra about the licencing of Creatures 4 - Click Here!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I have returned and finished things!

Art News

Hey! I know it's been a while since I've uploaded this (mostly unread) blog for Creatures and Petz. I've gotten partially back into creatures, and here is a picture that I've drawn for a simple RP I have with a fellow creatures fan:

Aaron - Horse Chichi Norn by *Azumizai on deviantART

I'll probably end up drawing her characters soon myself! Especially Lurie. I don't know why, but I adore the design that Norngirl gave Lurie.

Genetic Project News

It has been completed. I have sat down and completed the silly thing. I decided to stick with using only 3 Pigment Bleed genes as a fourth, as I said before, made them genetically brighter but not physically brighter. While yes, this enabled the norns to be more likely to pass some sort of colouration onto their young, this became somewhat of a non-point to me and I stuck with three.

I'll have more information on the Pigment Bleed Pack later, along with images. I'll have a post dedicated to the pack itself, I think. Will probably be easier for people who future want the pack, or know about the pack, but don't have the ReadME.txt/.rtf that will be IN the .zip file itself.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Completed Breeding

Because I had gotten PetzA (I fell into the temptation and decided to try it out, and it's awesome because it lets me breed lots and lots of petz fast), I have completed my petz breeding! Yes!

If you notice, all the petz are named according to their siblings (save for the 1st gen), so you can tell who's a sibling of who. I also drew lines to the breeding pairs. I made two breeding pairs per generation. I never breed siblings together, and I suppose 'cousins' aren't that bad.

Here's a picture of the madness!

I intend to draw pictures of some of the hybrids that I have obtained. :3

That's all for now! I'm having tons of fun, and I'll post more hybridz that I seem to get!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some More Art!

Just making a quick blog post to upload two creatures-related pictures that I have done!

Bat Norn by ~Azumizai on deviantART

This one is a picture I did for a friend, in apology for the delay of the last picture I did, that I owed months ago. It is of her own design. Check out the picture and author's comments for more details.

There is another one, you can find it here : Link

It was put in scraps. Read the author's comments to get the info on that one too.

That's all for now! And I don't think I'll be drawing much more Creatures Art for a little while! I have a few more things to finish first!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Major Delayed Art Trade Complete!

I had an art trade to complete for my friend in the Creatures Community, Norngirl. She had drawn me a fantastic picture of my made up norn breed : the pasture norn. I felt it was only appropriate to draw her a picture back...

... Months went by.

I honestly drew this picture over and over and over and over again. It took be forever to draw this thing in a way. Even though I did this all yesterday, the number of times that I started and restarted is staggering.

Art Trade : PMN Gryph by ~Azumizai on deviantART

So here is an active picture of it. (This is a link to DeviantART, because I really don't feel like putting the actual picture into this blog, and I want a link to DA, so there!)

I have plans to draw her another picture tonight, if I can, and post it up here when that's finished too. And DA, of course.

That can only mean it's creatures related!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fox/Toucan : Entry 1 : Feb 1st, 2010

Here is the first entry of my strange breeding program involving a Fox and a Toucan breeding run on Petz. Since this'll take a while, I feel that this'll be easy to do, as I have to work on aging them and have them play around in the background. Which is easy enough.

I am starting with 2 pairs.

Pair 1 : Cotton (Toucan) + Carra (Fox)

Cotton is a male Toucan and Carra is a female fox. Both were born today on Feb 1st, 2010. Their names share the same first letter on purpose.

Pair 2 : Jeremy (Fox) + Jessica (Toucan)

Jeremy is a male Fox and Jessica is a female Toucan. They both were also born on Feb 1st, 2010; and again, their names share the same letter on purpose.

Well! This is it so far. I'll post updated pictures when they grow a bit older, and then we'll see what happens when they start to have 'litterz'. They'll have some messed up offspring.

I am hoping that their babies will have a similariy between them that is desireable, so that I can breed them together to start to get babies that are consistant. Possibly make a new breed from it. We shall see!

Good luck you four!