Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Major Delayed Art Trade Complete!

I had an art trade to complete for my friend in the Creatures Community, Norngirl. She had drawn me a fantastic picture of my made up norn breed : the pasture norn. I felt it was only appropriate to draw her a picture back...

... Months went by.

I honestly drew this picture over and over and over and over again. It took be forever to draw this thing in a way. Even though I did this all yesterday, the number of times that I started and restarted is staggering.

Art Trade : PMN Gryph by ~Azumizai on deviantART

So here is an active picture of it. (This is a link to DeviantART, because I really don't feel like putting the actual picture into this blog, and I want a link to DA, so there!)

I have plans to draw her another picture tonight, if I can, and post it up here when that's finished too. And DA, of course.

That can only mean it's creatures related!

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