Monday, February 1, 2010

Fox/Toucan : Entry 1 : Feb 1st, 2010

Here is the first entry of my strange breeding program involving a Fox and a Toucan breeding run on Petz. Since this'll take a while, I feel that this'll be easy to do, as I have to work on aging them and have them play around in the background. Which is easy enough.

I am starting with 2 pairs.

Pair 1 : Cotton (Toucan) + Carra (Fox)

Cotton is a male Toucan and Carra is a female fox. Both were born today on Feb 1st, 2010. Their names share the same first letter on purpose.

Pair 2 : Jeremy (Fox) + Jessica (Toucan)

Jeremy is a male Fox and Jessica is a female Toucan. They both were also born on Feb 1st, 2010; and again, their names share the same letter on purpose.

Well! This is it so far. I'll post updated pictures when they grow a bit older, and then we'll see what happens when they start to have 'litterz'. They'll have some messed up offspring.

I am hoping that their babies will have a similariy between them that is desireable, so that I can breed them together to start to get babies that are consistant. Possibly make a new breed from it. We shall see!

Good luck you four!

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