Monday, September 20, 2010

I have returned and finished things!

Art News

Hey! I know it's been a while since I've uploaded this (mostly unread) blog for Creatures and Petz. I've gotten partially back into creatures, and here is a picture that I've drawn for a simple RP I have with a fellow creatures fan:

Aaron - Horse Chichi Norn by *Azumizai on deviantART

I'll probably end up drawing her characters soon myself! Especially Lurie. I don't know why, but I adore the design that Norngirl gave Lurie.

Genetic Project News

It has been completed. I have sat down and completed the silly thing. I decided to stick with using only 3 Pigment Bleed genes as a fourth, as I said before, made them genetically brighter but not physically brighter. While yes, this enabled the norns to be more likely to pass some sort of colouration onto their young, this became somewhat of a non-point to me and I stuck with three.

I'll have more information on the Pigment Bleed Pack later, along with images. I'll have a post dedicated to the pack itself, I think. Will probably be easier for people who future want the pack, or know about the pack, but don't have the ReadME.txt/.rtf that will be IN the .zip file itself.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Completed Breeding

Because I had gotten PetzA (I fell into the temptation and decided to try it out, and it's awesome because it lets me breed lots and lots of petz fast), I have completed my petz breeding! Yes!

If you notice, all the petz are named according to their siblings (save for the 1st gen), so you can tell who's a sibling of who. I also drew lines to the breeding pairs. I made two breeding pairs per generation. I never breed siblings together, and I suppose 'cousins' aren't that bad.

Here's a picture of the madness!

I intend to draw pictures of some of the hybrids that I have obtained. :3

That's all for now! I'm having tons of fun, and I'll post more hybridz that I seem to get!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some More Art!

Just making a quick blog post to upload two creatures-related pictures that I have done!

Bat Norn by ~Azumizai on deviantART

This one is a picture I did for a friend, in apology for the delay of the last picture I did, that I owed months ago. It is of her own design. Check out the picture and author's comments for more details.

There is another one, you can find it here : Link

It was put in scraps. Read the author's comments to get the info on that one too.

That's all for now! And I don't think I'll be drawing much more Creatures Art for a little while! I have a few more things to finish first!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Major Delayed Art Trade Complete!

I had an art trade to complete for my friend in the Creatures Community, Norngirl. She had drawn me a fantastic picture of my made up norn breed : the pasture norn. I felt it was only appropriate to draw her a picture back...

... Months went by.

I honestly drew this picture over and over and over and over again. It took be forever to draw this thing in a way. Even though I did this all yesterday, the number of times that I started and restarted is staggering.

Art Trade : PMN Gryph by ~Azumizai on deviantART

So here is an active picture of it. (This is a link to DeviantART, because I really don't feel like putting the actual picture into this blog, and I want a link to DA, so there!)

I have plans to draw her another picture tonight, if I can, and post it up here when that's finished too. And DA, of course.

That can only mean it's creatures related!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fox/Toucan : Entry 1 : Feb 1st, 2010

Here is the first entry of my strange breeding program involving a Fox and a Toucan breeding run on Petz. Since this'll take a while, I feel that this'll be easy to do, as I have to work on aging them and have them play around in the background. Which is easy enough.

I am starting with 2 pairs.

Pair 1 : Cotton (Toucan) + Carra (Fox)

Cotton is a male Toucan and Carra is a female fox. Both were born today on Feb 1st, 2010. Their names share the same first letter on purpose.

Pair 2 : Jeremy (Fox) + Jessica (Toucan)

Jeremy is a male Fox and Jessica is a female Toucan. They both were also born on Feb 1st, 2010; and again, their names share the same letter on purpose.

Well! This is it so far. I'll post updated pictures when they grow a bit older, and then we'll see what happens when they start to have 'litterz'. They'll have some messed up offspring.

I am hoping that their babies will have a similariy between them that is desireable, so that I can breed them together to start to get babies that are consistant. Possibly make a new breed from it. We shall see!

Good luck you four!

Petz 5

I have made the hard choice... I have decided to add some stuff that I might be doing on Petz 5 to this blog. Mind, it won't be nearly as extensive as what Creatures shinanigans that I'll be getting up to, but I felt that if I did anything neat, that the Creatures Community is more likely to have Petz 5 players than just any ol' random community.

My plan is to do a weird but neat breeding with the game. And because of this, it's obviously going to take a long time to actually do said breeding with Petz 5. Since it takes time for puppiez and kittenz to grow up to adult petz. And time for them to breed, and give birth, and time for the puppiez and kittenz to grow up again.

So you see, this'll be fairly sparce.

My ultimate plan is :

To breed weird things together.

I decided I want to breed some downloaded breeds of the interwebs and create neat looking crossbreeds. Of which that I hope to keep crossing over and over and over till I get petz that 'breed true' (Which means that when they have puppiez and kittenz that their babies will look like the adults and their babies will too, without bizzare physical mutations).

I haven't done this before.

I will -try- to not cheat by forwarding the calander or using a cheating program.

I think I'll do this =

1. Male Fox + Female Toucan
2. Female Fox + Male Toucan

That's right. Fox + Toucan. I'll try to breed something desireable and then try to cross breed the infants that we get from these two pairs. To reduse in-breeding and to increase the numbers of "puppiez" I'll be getting from the game.

I'll be sure to post up the Petz involved when I actually set it all up! I think this'll be fun.

That's all for now.

Also : Expect the Wolfing Run to start up soon too.

[Boy I love games that you can 'play' while not even looking at them. :3]

Friday, January 22, 2010

Creature Creatives

I realized just now that I have never uploaded any of my Creatures related fanart up onto my blog. I have more that'll be uploaded soon to my DeviantART account, but I figure I should maybe post some of my art onto here.

Alright. Firstly I'll only post my favorites because the image-uploading portion of this site is unbearably frustrating, and I only want to tolerate it in small doses. Click on the images to get a bigger size. :3

Mourning a Lost Friend

This was the first time that
I actually decided to draw
norns that looked like their
original designs from the game
itself. These two being two
norns from Creatures 2. Also
the first Creatures 2 norns I
have ever drawn.

Coloured Chichi Norn

Actually based off my fabled
Chichi Colour Pigment Bleed
Fix project. Which I do intend
to at least finish in February or
March. But anyway, this guy
is actually a colour you can achieve
with my Pigment Bleed Fix. I
love him. :3

Fox Chichi Hybrid

She is actually the the start of
my like for drawing hybrids of Norns.
Rather than a typical norn breeding,
which is closer to "chimeraism" than
hybridization, she is a true hybrid.
Between a C1 Fox norn, and a DS
Chichi norn.

Papa Norn and Daughter

Again these are hybrid norns.
Except they have mixes from all
three creatures games. The papa is
a C2 Hebe Norn mixed with a C3
Siamese. The baby is both those, plus
her mama is a C1 Horse norn. I
intend to make a plush of her
and she is my official creatures mascot

That's all I'll put up for now. This isn't the easiest thing to use on the planet, and I just wanted to do a quick update. So here it is. I'll upload more Creatures Art as I do it, and as I finally get it uploaded, and I'll also maybe post pictures of Norn plushies. As I now own a sewing machine.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow. Much Delay.

Sorry for such a huge gap between posts, but while December was a month were I did do some creature-related things, it was also a month that was very busy 'cause of family, work, Christmas, New Years. Then this month had just been crazy with New Years (Durr January 1st), work, and other things that are a little more important than the Creatures Universe.

But to make up for it, I decided I am going to make a wolfing run 'blog'. Which really will be a segment attached to this blog where you can follow a wolfing run that I have done before. I'll be putting a up a new post explaining more details on it.

The reason why I've decided to do this, is because I did my first 'high generation' wolfing run in mid-December. Not only was it the first time I did a wolfing run where it exceeded 26 generations (Meaning, the autonamer started to randomly name norn, instead of based off of generation), but it was the first time I've had some really STRANGE mutations.

And it wasn't a completely normal wolfing run, there were some interferances by the hand during the run.

What I did.

1. Had 6 norns, 3 females, 3 males. All of them were CFE Chichi norns, but with my 'pigment fix' genes. (That I will be redoing and releasing this year for sure. Now that I am not crazy busy with the months of November-December-January. Never going to decide to do stuff in that month-span again. =___=)
2. I put them through the IQ test, so only the smart norn's would make it through.
3. Didn't set up the world too heavily for their comfort, only the smartest survived, and they tended to survive pretty well.
4. Set it to a limit of 50 norns/births

Now, after this, I just let the game run on Ctrl+W and Ctrl+F. Of course, I wolfed it officially and watched the game blur by. I'd check it every half an hour or so while I was doing my other things.

This is where it got different. Now, every few generations, when the world got too full of norns, I'd take the VERY SHINY new splicer agent that came out in the CCSF2009, and I spliced all the norns down to either 6 or 10 norns. I then put them through the IQ test again.

I kept doing this so that they'd have a 'fresh start' in a way, but retain the original genetics without overloading the world.

I did this till about generation 31, and that's where I stopped it.

Weird things that I noticed.

1. All my norns had a weird pigment genes in the beginning. Such as being brown, pink, green, blue, grey and other colours. But as the generations went on, they bred out to a dusty-brown, a dusty-pink or a weird muddied purple.

2. All of my norns after the 31st generation either had Banshee Grendel arms and legs, or just the arms or legs. All of them.

3. In generation 15-20 half of my norns had Civit Heads, but it bred out. In generation 20-25 four or five norns had Harlequin heads. Oddly enough, only the males really did and I only saw one female.

So that was my results. They were still very intellegent, and I don't think I managed to breed them far enough to discover any really odd mutations. I only did this for a few days, while I was doing other things.

So yeah! I'm going to definately blog my next wolfing run, and see what strangeness comes about from it!

[Also expect a post of realistic goals I want to complete this year, as well as a list of unrealistic and extremely hopeful goals I wish to complete this year.)