Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Of Games and Doctors.

Breeding Game #1 and other Contest Shinanigans

Over at, I made a forum thread containing a breeding game. You can view it here. I do intend to keep this Breeding Game for my website, and I will make it so people can have entries for it all the time, or if people just want to have fun and try it for themselves. But for not, it's just accessible from the forums.

I do have an idea for another contest, just like this one. It'll contain 5 breeds of norns. Any of the free breeds that you can download from the CreaturesLabs site. So it will be 5 of these: Chichi, Harlequin, Fallow, Siamese, Astro, Magma or Zebra. I'm thinking to go with neutral-ish colours to make it harder, so my choices'll probably be Siamese, Fallow, Magma, Zebra and Chichi.

It'll be very hard. I know that for sure.

I'll also have other contests going on, like wolfing run contests, and even contests for breeding norns with specific abilities, like... breathing underwater, or... say, only able to live in the frigid depths of winter. We shall see.

Creatures 1 Doctor Cheat on Creatures 1 (Albian Years)

I recently tried to put the 'doctor' cheat onto my Creatures 1 Albian Years game I got from It worked completely, save for the one problem I had when I tried to hatch a hatchery egg. Which made me a little sad. I didn't take a screenshot of the message, but I will today when I have the chance to, and see if there is any way to fix it, because I really like the idea of having multiple worlds.

[Since it seems that the Creatures 1, you can't clear your world-data for some strange reason. I have a feeling it has to do with Vista trying to do save-game data, and this conflicts with the fact that Creatures 1 was made for a Windows 98 machine, even if they DID upgrade it to work on Vista].

Hopefully I can fix that problem soon.


There IS an issue with the Creatures 1 Medical kit. It will come up with an error message, and will not run. The solution is to 'run as administrator', and that should solve the issue then and there.

... and that's it for now on the Creatures front.

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