Thursday, November 26, 2009

I made a hard choice...

Colour Pigment Fix Norns

I have finally come to a decision about something, and it wasn't that easy to make. I have decided to go ahead and re-do my colour-fix project. When making it, it took so much work to do because I didn't do enough research first. My process was this.

1. Edit genes so one "Pigment Bleed" is effected
2. Import Male & Female eggs and put away
3. Save Gene
4. Edits genes so two "Pigment Bleeds" are effected
5. Import Male & Female eggs and put away
6. Save Gene
7. Edits genes so three"Pigment Bleeds" are effected
8. Import Male & Female eggs and put away
9. Save Gene
10. Hatch norn
11. Name according to gene
12. Take Photo
13. Export.
14-37. Repeat 10-13 5 more times
38. Import all the norns
39. Take screenshots of all their photos
40. Export Norns
41. Crop and Save each image seperately
42. Sort all files to according places
43. Do steps 1-42 for the next 24 combinations

See... Now that was killer. In my lesson I learn that 1, T1 and T2 norns were rather dull. T1 you couldn't see anything much and T2 usually ranged in dusty-pinks and greys. I'll stick with T3 norns, do it all over again, and now that I know how to read the sliders better, I'll be able to write up cool genetic information for my website too.

It also helps that I now know how to read the silly "Rotation" and "Swap" sliders instead of eyeballing it completely. >__> Why didn't they make the numbers more obvious? Or am I just really blind?

So my end package, just one, will have 25 different colour combinations, and 50 norns. I'll probably end up doing the other combos too, but this makes it so I can get the ultimate brightness (since I found that 4 pigment bleed genes makes a norn genetically brighter, but not nessisarily physically brighter)


I am thinking of doing a basic Creatures site. Not a huge one, but one that is very basic and simple. Just has what I've made up there, and nothing really more. Enough to throw stuff out there and go "Hey! Look how cool this is! :3" XD And for the information I make up for the game. That's all. Before I tried too ambitious of sites, and I feel it's better to be quick and simple.

Expect something when I finish my two on-hold genetic projects~

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