Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow. Much Delay.

Sorry for such a huge gap between posts, but while December was a month were I did do some creature-related things, it was also a month that was very busy 'cause of family, work, Christmas, New Years. Then this month had just been crazy with New Years (Durr January 1st), work, and other things that are a little more important than the Creatures Universe.

But to make up for it, I decided I am going to make a wolfing run 'blog'. Which really will be a segment attached to this blog where you can follow a wolfing run that I have done before. I'll be putting a up a new post explaining more details on it.

The reason why I've decided to do this, is because I did my first 'high generation' wolfing run in mid-December. Not only was it the first time I did a wolfing run where it exceeded 26 generations (Meaning, the autonamer started to randomly name norn, instead of based off of generation), but it was the first time I've had some really STRANGE mutations.

And it wasn't a completely normal wolfing run, there were some interferances by the hand during the run.

What I did.

1. Had 6 norns, 3 females, 3 males. All of them were CFE Chichi norns, but with my 'pigment fix' genes. (That I will be redoing and releasing this year for sure. Now that I am not crazy busy with the months of November-December-January. Never going to decide to do stuff in that month-span again. =___=)
2. I put them through the IQ test, so only the smart norn's would make it through.
3. Didn't set up the world too heavily for their comfort, only the smartest survived, and they tended to survive pretty well.
4. Set it to a limit of 50 norns/births

Now, after this, I just let the game run on Ctrl+W and Ctrl+F. Of course, I wolfed it officially and watched the game blur by. I'd check it every half an hour or so while I was doing my other things.

This is where it got different. Now, every few generations, when the world got too full of norns, I'd take the VERY SHINY new splicer agent that came out in the CCSF2009, and I spliced all the norns down to either 6 or 10 norns. I then put them through the IQ test again.

I kept doing this so that they'd have a 'fresh start' in a way, but retain the original genetics without overloading the world.

I did this till about generation 31, and that's where I stopped it.

Weird things that I noticed.

1. All my norns had a weird pigment genes in the beginning. Such as being brown, pink, green, blue, grey and other colours. But as the generations went on, they bred out to a dusty-brown, a dusty-pink or a weird muddied purple.

2. All of my norns after the 31st generation either had Banshee Grendel arms and legs, or just the arms or legs. All of them.

3. In generation 15-20 half of my norns had Civit Heads, but it bred out. In generation 20-25 four or five norns had Harlequin heads. Oddly enough, only the males really did and I only saw one female.

So that was my results. They were still very intellegent, and I don't think I managed to breed them far enough to discover any really odd mutations. I only did this for a few days, while I was doing other things.

So yeah! I'm going to definately blog my next wolfing run, and see what strangeness comes about from it!

[Also expect a post of realistic goals I want to complete this year, as well as a list of unrealistic and extremely hopeful goals I wish to complete this year.)

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