Friday, January 22, 2010

Creature Creatives

I realized just now that I have never uploaded any of my Creatures related fanart up onto my blog. I have more that'll be uploaded soon to my DeviantART account, but I figure I should maybe post some of my art onto here.

Alright. Firstly I'll only post my favorites because the image-uploading portion of this site is unbearably frustrating, and I only want to tolerate it in small doses. Click on the images to get a bigger size. :3

Mourning a Lost Friend

This was the first time that
I actually decided to draw
norns that looked like their
original designs from the game
itself. These two being two
norns from Creatures 2. Also
the first Creatures 2 norns I
have ever drawn.

Coloured Chichi Norn

Actually based off my fabled
Chichi Colour Pigment Bleed
Fix project. Which I do intend
to at least finish in February or
March. But anyway, this guy
is actually a colour you can achieve
with my Pigment Bleed Fix. I
love him. :3

Fox Chichi Hybrid

She is actually the the start of
my like for drawing hybrids of Norns.
Rather than a typical norn breeding,
which is closer to "chimeraism" than
hybridization, she is a true hybrid.
Between a C1 Fox norn, and a DS
Chichi norn.

Papa Norn and Daughter

Again these are hybrid norns.
Except they have mixes from all
three creatures games. The papa is
a C2 Hebe Norn mixed with a C3
Siamese. The baby is both those, plus
her mama is a C1 Horse norn. I
intend to make a plush of her
and she is my official creatures mascot

That's all I'll put up for now. This isn't the easiest thing to use on the planet, and I just wanted to do a quick update. So here it is. I'll upload more Creatures Art as I do it, and as I finally get it uploaded, and I'll also maybe post pictures of Norn plushies. As I now own a sewing machine.

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