Monday, February 1, 2010

Petz 5

I have made the hard choice... I have decided to add some stuff that I might be doing on Petz 5 to this blog. Mind, it won't be nearly as extensive as what Creatures shinanigans that I'll be getting up to, but I felt that if I did anything neat, that the Creatures Community is more likely to have Petz 5 players than just any ol' random community.

My plan is to do a weird but neat breeding with the game. And because of this, it's obviously going to take a long time to actually do said breeding with Petz 5. Since it takes time for puppiez and kittenz to grow up to adult petz. And time for them to breed, and give birth, and time for the puppiez and kittenz to grow up again.

So you see, this'll be fairly sparce.

My ultimate plan is :

To breed weird things together.

I decided I want to breed some downloaded breeds of the interwebs and create neat looking crossbreeds. Of which that I hope to keep crossing over and over and over till I get petz that 'breed true' (Which means that when they have puppiez and kittenz that their babies will look like the adults and their babies will too, without bizzare physical mutations).

I haven't done this before.

I will -try- to not cheat by forwarding the calander or using a cheating program.

I think I'll do this =

1. Male Fox + Female Toucan
2. Female Fox + Male Toucan

That's right. Fox + Toucan. I'll try to breed something desireable and then try to cross breed the infants that we get from these two pairs. To reduse in-breeding and to increase the numbers of "puppiez" I'll be getting from the game.

I'll be sure to post up the Petz involved when I actually set it all up! I think this'll be fun.

That's all for now.

Also : Expect the Wolfing Run to start up soon too.

[Boy I love games that you can 'play' while not even looking at them. :3]

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