Friday, November 20, 2009


It is confirmed now that has a working-version of Creatures 2 that runs on Vista. Confirmed. I have purchased, as it was extremely cheap, and I have run it on my Vista machine. So far I have indicated that :

1. 3rd party breeds work - as long as they don't require a .exe to run. Currently thinking of a fix. (Eg, the Boney Grendels)
2. Genetics Kit does not work. But only because it can't find the C2 folder as it is now in :
c:/Program Files/ Albian Years/Creatures 2 - Should be easy to fix.

Edit : The Creatures Remastered Patch solves the Genetics Kit issue

Right now I am estatic. But I'll stop playing because I have work to do. I can't play games all day. This game'll be a present to me when I do good work. XD

Anyway... ta ta for now!

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