Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mistakes and a Delayed Finish

Oh man, the pack that I am working on, I had a few hiccups. I completely didn't realize that I had to do 25 combinations, and not just 15. So when I got to the 15th combination, I realize that I didn't get one of the colours that I got when I did a really quick test, and realized, much to my woe, that I actually accidently cut out 10 seperate combinations.

Really foolish of me. So now I gotta do all of them too. So... I have, at the time of this post, 9 more combinations to do. They all take a while too. Between 10-15 minutes per. I'll try to either finish, or do half of them tonight... finish the rest tomorrow, and see what I can do about writing those egg files...


Oh the fun, but at least I know it'll look awesome.

PLUS. I found a cool norn colour I didn't think you could get:

Brown. Isn't that neat? I totally didn't know you can do that. Their are actually two combinations that'll get brown. I'll upload all that information later. Promice.

Anyway... gotta get back to work. M'gunna draw a picture for this too. :]

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