Sunday, November 22, 2009

Creatures 1 and 2 and an Update

It looks like I haven't so far, been able to finish my two genetical breed projects for Docking Station and Creatures 3. Because... I've been spending my free time (and not working time) playing Creatures 2 and Creatures 1. Also, I have to further delay the projects by some degree. It looks like it won't be till the weekend AFTER next that I can do it. Because... well, I won't be on my computer that has Docking Station and Creatures 3.

But I promice it will be by that weekend at the LASTEST. So expect a release on December 5th for both genetical breeds, as well as a basic site that they are hosted and explained.

For now? I'll have fun playing Creatures 2 and 1. I'm sure that I'll be able to get it working on the other computer... Oh yes. I am very sure.

And right now, I am uncertain if I should do the "hybridization" or not. It seems to be pretty 50/50 on people's opinions of how a creature behaves. Though I have thought of something interesting for the Norn/Ettin. Is that they take and horde food from one place to another. I'm sure that'll prove to be very interesting indeed. I'll figure out more things etc. etc.

I should ask for their lifespans as well.

Anyway. That's all I can post for now.

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