Wednesday, November 25, 2009



It looks like I won't be able to play Creatures 1 or 2 till I get home to my computer. My mother's computer seems to dislike the versions of it. Though I'm not that surprised in reality, because we both suspect her machine had been upgraded to XP when it really should still be a Windows 98 or ME.

Creatures 1's error is that if you try to inject a hatchery egg, the game freezes over completely. I managed to once get the game back, but I didn't dare try to hatch an egg in fear of causing the computer to go into a heart-attack and keel over.

Creatures 2's error is that it does start up, but it tries to open like... 50-million Creature 2's at once, and it seriously hurts my mum's poor old machine. I came across something like this with my computer at home. For some reason sometimes Creatures 2 tries to open multiple versions of itself at once... it's really odd.

So... Only choice? Uninstallation of both programs. Oh well.

Genetics Development

I had an idea for some sort of genetic breed. I'd use, once again, the CFE Chichi as a base. I figure that this is the safest to go, since everyone can get Docking Station, as it is free, and it's more likely someone won't have Creatures 3. Anyway...

My idea is for a "Brood Norn". I want to make a norn that'll only give birth ONCE in their life, then loose the ability. Their breeding is very specific, and I will try to see if I can get it so they give birth to more than one egg at a time. I know a norn can give birth to up to 10 eggs, so I want to range that they give birth to around... 4-5 at a time, and have room for development that they give birth to more though the generations.

I figure this'd be interesting to try to do.

Update : This doesn't seem to be possible. Oh well. :[

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