Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grenorns, Grettins and Ettorns... Oh My!

I have a great new idea for various genetic-breeds that I can do for the Creatures games. Of course, I'll be doing it in Docking Station / Creatures 3 first. But I want to do hybrid genomes that are an honest mix between the two genomes. So we can have real hybrids between creatures. Well, real enough save for mis-mashed sprites and their header saying "Norn" "Grendel" or "Ettin".

This is what I want to do:
[Note, some of the names are known to the Creatures Community already, and some I made-up and modified]

Grenorn - Norn with Grendel characteristics
Norndel - Grendel with Norn characteristics

Grettin - Ettin with Grendel characteristics
Etdel - Grendel with Ettin characterisitics

Nettin - Ettin with Norn characteristics
Ettorn - Norn with Ettin characteristics

Grettorn - Creature with Ettin/Norn/Grendel characteristics

I think what I'll do, is for each of the sets I'll provide a 'norn' and a 'grendel' of each set. I don't know yet if that means... Grenorns are just the norn versions of Norndels... or that they are actually honsetly different and I'll provide norns and genomes for grendels and norns for each one. I'll see. Depends on how hard it is to do.

Also. I have to decide what norn I'll use for the base of them. It'll be the same norn speices. I'm tossing up between the C3 Bruin norn and the DS Chichi norn. So I shall see what I decide to do for that...

Anyway! I was rather pleased when I thought of this, and I will be using the CFE norns as a base for these genetic breeds too.

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