Friday, November 6, 2009

Critter Litter is Launched!

I see, as the Creatures Community still seems to be alive and kicking, the last thing they need is for more people to dissapear. So I decided to do the anti of dissapearing, and formed this blog so that I can actually be an active member of the Creatures Community. I hope, because of this, that I'll be able to post more things within the Creatures Community... and help to keep, because of my small little contributions, the Creatures Community alive and well for a little bit longer. Who knows how long it'll last... but we'll see. I hope for a while yet.

Things that I hope I can accomplish here:
1. Draw Creatures
2. Create Agent sprites
3. Create Creature sprites
4. Design a Norn Breed
5. Complete a Creatures Doujinshi
6. Design a Metaroom

I am not very good at programming, but I hope that one day I can make a metaroom, agents, and Norn, Grendel and Ettin breeds to go with it. That would be a marvelous thing, to be able to sit down and play the game with things I've created, and I hope that whoever helps me, can get that experiance too.

Let's see how this goes!

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