Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gene Pack for DS

I've been working this whole weekend on 3 seperate gene packs for Creatures Docking Station. I haven't made any for Creatures 3 quite yet, but I feel that most people have Creatures 3 in conjunction with Docking Station, so I figure there's no harm done. I'll set out to make a pack for Creatures 3 later. But darn... this is taking a long time to do.

I'm 40% done, each pack will have 15 edited genes, 30 norns, and 30 images to go with it. There are THREE packs in total, and I am thinking of doing a master-pack with everything all at once. Plus, I'm going to write a reference file for each one, to explain how the functions of the new simple gene edit work, and why there APPEARS to be duplicates, when there isn't. Man. x__x Lots to do.

For those clever enough, here's a few images of what's coming up.

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