Friday, November 20, 2009

Is this for REAL?

At long last, creatures fans who have been suffering in the hands of Windows Vista, and the poor excuse for compatibility that Creatures 2 had for it... we might have a breath of relief. We might finally be able to PLAY the game now on our Vista maches both 32 AND 64 bit.

A site,, has uploaded the upgraded versions of "Albian Years", "Exodus" and the Creatures Spinoff to their site. Showing screenshots and exclaiming they did have compatibility with Windows Vista!

Is this too good to be true? Is it? It might be hard to say... we could see... Maybe it's all a lie. Like cake. I do not like it when cake lies.

Here's some links:
Creatures : The Albian Years
Creatures : Exodus
Creatures : Village Main Page

Here's a promising quote:
"4. All games are Vista and XP compatible.
Thanks to our handsome programming team, the classics are now Windows Vista and Windows XP compatible. Now you can use your lightning-fast PC to unleash the full potential of those games you just couldn’t play properly on that busted old 386." - From Here.

I AM going to try to get these games. I am. I shall report my findings as soon as they come. Stay posted.

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