Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Delayed for now.

I have delayed the project due to the large amount of work that needs to be done on it still, and the fact that well... I still have a lot of work I got to do that isn't really creatures related. So aside from actual work, work at home, I can only do this in my spare or free time. I currently don't really wanna do all this at the moment, since it's so huge to work with.

Current goals will be:

1. November 21st - November 22nd : Finish making .gen, .creature and .jpg files for the rest of the 3 packs.
2. Finish readme.rtf files (yes, rtf, not .txt)
3. Make a simple website so that further information is available about packs and for information about the genetics kit. Not a huge site. Just a small and simple one.

Future goals will be:

1. Design a metaroom. Only work on background images, concept and agent images. Post to the CC and see who can help with the rest. (This is the only thing I have time to do, as this is going to be for my portfolio, and is in my recreation time only).
2. Herding Norns Genetics - Hopefully will one day be the base genes for my Pasture Norn Breed Idea
3. Crawling Norns - Basically 'complete'. Will work on packing and fine-tuning it later.
4. Pasture Norns - Modelled in Lightwave 8.5. Made to look like an 'offical' norn breed, somewhere between C2-C3 in looks. Completely new genome that is based off of CFE norns and my 'herding' gene. For my portfolio.

Again, if anyone wants to know, this is purely in my recreation time. I can't work on it 24/7, since I am working on a huge, major, awesome-fun project that will take up time for years to come.

Phew. That's it for now.

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